Public Affairs

The Challenge
The most talked about legislative bill of 2007 in California was a piece of legislation introduced to deny pet owners rights. The bill appeared destined for easy passage as it was backed by a well-financed campaign and sold as a way to reduce the pet shelter population. Opposition was not organized until PetPAC, non-profit group, asked Moran & Associates to manage the campaign.

The Solution
Money, message and media. Moran & Associates created a state-of-the-art website which allowed civic participation by opponents of the legislation. Under the direction of Moran & Associates, the campaign honed its message, produced television ads to tell their story, and raised the money to finance the campaign.

The Result
Legislators reject the contents of the legislation. The Los Angeles Times reported, "PetPAC launched a slick Internet website to solicit support from throughout the country… They knew how to bring people together… There was a huge outpouring… The whole country watched this over the Internet."